Campground Brochure Sales Information

Ad Sales for our Campground Brochure and Local Directory For 2012 Are Closed.
If your business would like to be represented in 2013 and help support Lions Club, Contact
Jerry Nissen at 970-726-2843 or

The new 2012 Campground Brochure includes a schedule of local events and a map showing campground locations and local businesses that advertise with us. Every group of campers at the local campgrounds gets a brochure when they check in.
In addition, the 2012 Brochures are available at the local Chambers of Commerce and numerous other locations.
To see the 2012 Campground Brochure, click 2012 Campground Brochure

The Campground Brochure also has local information as well as discount coupons for local restaurants.
In addition, it features a local schedule of events and how to find more information about local happenings.
To speed download times, we've divided the previous Brochure into two parts:
For the front and back cover pages of the 2011 Brochure, click here.
For the inside pages of the 2011 Brochure, click here.

Here’s information on the preferred format for your ad copy:

High Resolution PDF
All colors converted to CMYK
Images 300dpi minimum
Fonts outlined or embedded
Files must be the size of the ad purchased