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August 31, 2013 4:30 PM

Fires in other parts of the west are currently not impacting us in any way.

No closures, fire bans or even any smoke!
We're thankful to be in the "sweet spot".

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Description: Description: Description: Copy of usfs_white_logo.jpgSulphur Ranger District Update: Aug. 30, 2013


The roadside hazard tree closure on Keyser Creek Road (FSR 139) will remain in place through Labor Day Weekend, temporarily closing the road to all use between Horseshoe Campground and its junction with junction with Muddy Creek Road (FSR 134.1) This closure area will continue to include Lake Evelyn Road (FSR 136), Cook Creek Road (FSR 137),and a small portion of Keyser Ridge Road (FSR 140) near the junction of Keyser Creek Road.

Due to a pending move of equipment further up the road, camping is now prohibited along Keyser Creek Road between the junctions of Muddy Creek and Beaver Creek Roads, as this area will soon be closed.

Over the coming month, roadside hazard tree work will continue to be active in the Church Park area, which comprises a small portion of Colorado Game Management Unit 28. Hunters are advised to avoid planning camps and other activities near the junctions of Keyser Creek, Crooked Creek, Beaver Creek and Lake Evelyn Roads as access to these areas may be compromised in the upcoming weeks.

GMU 28 hunting access will remain open in the following areas: Muddy Creek (FSR 134.1); Keyser Ridge (FSR 140); Kinney Creek (FSR 141.1); Ute Peak, South Fork, Williams Fork and areas immediately south of Winter Park and Fraser.

This project is reducing the risks associated with trees falling into the roads in a mountain pine beetle impacted environment. The goal is to keep roads open and available to the public in the long term.  

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 Here's some previous official news from the Forest Service:

Description: Description: Description: Copy of usfs_white_logo.jpgSulphur Ranger District Update: Aug. 8, 2013

Meadow Creek, Keyser Creek, Lake Evelyn, Kinney Creek


Meadow Creek Road (FSR 129) has REOPENED as of Thursday, August 08, 2013. The project is not complete, however. Log trucks are still loading large decks of timber and hauling them to local mills for use by the wood products industry. Anticipate delays of up to 30 minutes in each direction on weekdays when loading and hauling operations are underway. DO NOT PASS LOG TRUCKS WHILE THEY ARE LOADING. Also, there is more cleanup work and road work to be completed in the coming weeks.


Kinney Creek Road (FSR 141) remains closed to all use above the gate about 1.5 miles above the junction with CR30/FSR 138/Williams Fork Road. Kinney Creek Trailhead. This closure also includes Kinney Creek Trailhead (accessing Horseshoe Lake), K&K Connection (M142) and Elk Wallow Trail (M140). Processing and decking operations are about 50 percent complete and hauling has not yet begun, meaning the road is likely to remain closed for several more weeks. See map.


Keyser Creek Road (FSR 139) is closed to all use above Horseshoe Campground to the junction of Lake Evelyn Road (FSR 136). Cutting operations are complete. Processing and decking will begin soon. This temporary closure includes a small section of Keyser Ridge Road as well all of Cook Creek Road (FSR 137). See map.


Lake Evelyn (FSR 136) is closed from the junction of Keyser Creek Road to the Lake Evelyn trailhead and cutting operations are underway. See map.


Roadside hazard tree work is in full swing around the Sulphur Ranger District. A total of 156 miles of road is under contract and work has been completed on a little more than half of those miles to date. This project is reducing the risks associated with trees falling into the roads in a mountain pine beetle impacted environment. The goal is to keep roads openand available to the public in the long term. 

Popular area in Arapaho National Forest near Winter Park to close temporarily 
for hazard tree cutting along roads and trails


Granby, Colo. (Aug. 21, 2012) –Beginning Sept. 4, a popular portion of the Arapaho National Forest outside Winter Park and Fraser will close to all use temporarily while the U.S. Forest Service works to improve public safety and reduce hazardous fuels by cutting beetle-killed trees along many roads and trails in the area. The closure is expected to remain in place until Nov. 15.


This 29,000-acre closure will encompass all of the Fraser Experimental Forest, and the Arapaho National Forest from Winter Park and Fraser south to the Vasquez Peak Wilderness and east to Vasquez Road (See Map).  Vasquez Road will remain open to public use, however all National Forest land, roads and trails west of Vasquez Road will be closed to the western boundary of the Fraser Experimental Forest.


Located within walking distance of town and the ski area, this area is popular with mountain bikers, hikers, campers, hunters and autumn color enthusiasts in the fall and is used year-round recreationally.


Many other areas are open and available to use while this portion of the forest is temporarily closed, and visitors are encouraged to explore other parts of the Sulphur Ranger District. The Vasquez Peak Wilderness can be reached from the Vasquez Peak Trailhead on Vasquez Road while Byers Peak Wilderness, Church Park and points west can be reached from County Road 50/FSR 139 near Fraser. East of U.S. Highway 40, Meadow Creek Reservoir (Junco Lake) and the James Peak Protection Area offer ample hiking and camping opportunities. Jones Pass and the Williams Fork also are outside the closure area and offer remote, scenic country.  Mountain bikers can ride between town and Winter Park Resort on trails east of Vasquez Road, including Blue Sky, Chickadee, Lower and Upper Cherokee, Ice Hill and Serenity. The Idlewild Trail System is also available for mountain bikers to explore on the east side of the highway.


Roads included in this closure are St. Louis Creek Road (160), Byers Creek Road (164), Leland Creek Road (159), Elk Creek Road (158), King Creek Road (163), Fool Creek Road (162). Trails in the closure include (but are not limited to) Tipperary Creek, Creekside, Flume, Zoom, Chainsaw, Sunken Bridges, Elk Meadows, both Elk Creek loops, D2, D3, D4, WTB, and all trails leaving from these trails. Cross-country travel and camping are also prohibited throughout this closure area.


Visitors recreating in the National Forest are responsible for knowing where the closure is located.  Violators may face a maximum $5,000 fine and/or 6 months in jail.



The past decade’s mountain pine beetle epidemic killed an estimated 80 percent of mature lodgepole pine trees in Grand County, creating numerous hazards along U.S. Forest Service roads and trails as these trees begin to fall. In an effort to improve public safety and reduce fire hazards, the forest service’s Sulphur Ranger District has hired contractors to remove dead and dying trees along more than 150 miles of high-use, forest service roads and trails in Grand County over a several year period.


Due to a lack of compliance from the public regarding smaller road and trail closures associated with this project earlier this summer, the U.S. Forest Service was forced to shut down the project for safety reasons. After meeting with community leaders, local special interest groups and Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials, it was decided that a larger, more enforceable closure area was necessary, both for public safety and to complete the work efficiently.


Winter Park, Fraser and Grand County community leaders have re-affirmed their support for these projects and offered assistance in both law enforcement patrols and working with the public. Information will be posted at all the major entries to the closure areas as well as at the Winter Park Visitor’s Center, Fraser Visitor’s Center, Winter Park Resort and through local businesses and lodging companies.


“Thank you for your patience while we work to make our National Forest roads and trails safer for all users,” said Sulphur District Ranger Craig Magwire.


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