Volunteer Committee Contacts

Fraser River Valley Lions Club Committees

We Lions make the money we give to our community through our work. Most of the work we do is coordinated by our various committees such as campgrounds, pancakes, Powder Partners and the others you see on the list below. All Lions are encouraged to find one or more specific committees which interest them. New Lions in particular are encouraged to find at least one committee they would like join. Contact the committee chair listed below, talk with them about their committee and pick the ones you want to be involved with.  We do work, but we have a lot of fun along the way!

Please note that contact information is available in the roster under the MEMBERS tab. You must be a Lion and log in to access the MEMBERS tab.

Committees as of August, 2013

9 Health Fair - Susan Odneal, Chairperson

John & Debbie Erwin, past co-chairs and major advisors

Bob Boynton

Jan Boynton

Florice Lietzke

Glenn McCoy

Sharon McCoy (non lion)

Mary Bonville (non lion) RN, Medical Director

Scholarship - Jancie Hughes, Chairperson

The Lions Scholarship Committee meets annually one time in the spring to review requests from local Middle Park High School
seniors for consideration to be granted one of our six scholarships, totaling $11,000. 
     Members of the committee should have an interest in spending a few hours reading and discussing the merits of each
scholar applicant, and making the tough vote on who our choices will be.  It is helpful, but not required, that committee
members be familiar with the community and perhaps with the families of some of our applicants.
     Two members of the committee will also attend the Middle Park High School awards ceremony in the spring to announce
 our selection and present the letters of acceptance.  This requires several minutes on stage to make the presentations.
     Please feel free to call me with any questions about the committee's role in serving Lions.
Jancie Hughes
Scholarship Committee Chair

Kent Hughes

Fran Cook

Kirk Klancke

Bill Steinmiller

Claudia Diamond

Peter Kerswell

Mints - Claudia Diamond, Chairperson  (

No Committee Members


PURPOSE: The mint candy displays provide awareness and visibility in the community of The Fraser River Lions Club. The monies collected from the mint boxes help to support our efforts to give back to the community in a variety of ways, including scholarships and grants.

SCOPE OF WORK: The mint boxes are located in businesses throughout Winter Park and Fraser. There is one additional site in Granby. Periodically, depending on the location, the mint boxes are restocked and the monies are collected simultaneously. Once per year, typically the first meeting in January, the monies collected from the prior year are given to the Treasurer of the Club. When new sites are identified and approval is given from the business owner, set ups are installed. If a site is determined to be unproductive or if a business is closing, the set up is removed.

BOTTOM LINE: This is the easiest sales job ever! The product is placed in the display container and the money is collected! The time required to accomplish this task is literally minutes, it depends upon how sociable you are when visiting the establishments!


Campgrounds - Kent Hughes, Chairperson

The FRVLC manages four Fraser Valley Campgrounds; Robbers Roost, Midland, Idlewild, and St. Louis Creek under contract with the USFS.
In addition, we are responsible for managing Sitzmark Campground in Winter Park for the Town of Winter Park.  The Campground Committee
is responsible for negotiating the yearly contract and communicating with the USFS.  The committee is also responsible for the hiring of hosts,
collecting camping fees and annual maintenance for all campgrounds.  In addition, the FRVLC sells firewood to campers and our work committees
are responsible for supplying this wood.

Jim Noel

Don Sawyer

Jeff Browne

Bob Johannes

Bill Steinmiller

Finance - Bill Steinmiller, Chairperson

Dawn Browne, CPA assistant treasurer

Lions Board of Directors

Foundation Board of Directors

Powder Partners - Jackie Ossian, Chairperson

Howard Venezia


Frank Watts

Dave Walker

Jeff Browne

Kids Fishing Derby 

Howard Venezia

Tom Coblentz

Frank Watts

Kirk Klancke

Alan Somerfeld

Eyeglass Collection - Ingrid Karlstrom, Chairperson

No committee members

Brochure - Jerry Nissen, Chairperson  (

Peter Kerswell

Ann Schaumberger

Lorie Wheeler

Mac Valan

John Erwin

Christmas Tree Festival - Bob & Jan Boynton, Co-chairs

The FRVLC has put on this event since 2004.  It’s held at the Grand Park Recreation Center in Fraser.   The Festival has become a key part of the Christmas season in Winter Park and Fraser, attracting over 500 locals from throughout the valley to a fun-filled evening with no admission charge.  Held from 4 – 8 p.m. on a Friday night in early December, 25+ local non-profits decorate trees and wreaths that are sold at silent auction during the event.  The goals of this event are to:  provide an opportunity for the valley’s non-profit organizations to earn some money and publicize their organization’s goals and projects; provide a season kick-off holiday event for local families; demonstrate the Fraser River Valley Lions Club’s commitment to the Fraser Valley.  All proceeds from tree and wreath sales go directly to the non-profit that decorated the tree or wreath.  The Lions provide the “bare” trees and wreaths, tree stands, publicity, staffing during the event, set-up and clean-up for the event, and even deliver the trees to the winning bidders the morning following the event.  Santa Claus makes an all-important visit to the delight of 60-100 children.  The event also includes a silent auction of desserts donated by local restaurants, a bar where beer, wine, soft drinks, cider, and hot chocolate can be had for a donation.  Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks, including:  tree set-up, room set-up, bartending, host/hostess, food servers, tree delivery, and clean-up.  All these volunteer activities occur in a 3-day period, Thursday p.m.  -  Saturday a.m. in early December.  All FRVLC members are asked to contribute appetizers for guests to enjoy.


Joanne Foster

Julie Richards

Kent Hughes

Jancie Hughes

Mindy O'Neil

Joe Rooyakkers

Kristy Meyer

Howard Venezia

Claude Diamond

Claudia Diamond

John Hart

Kidsight Screenings- Debbie Buhayar, Chairperson

Many Volunteers

Christmas Tree Sales - Dennis Troutman, Chairperson

Peter Kerswell

Kent Hughes

Gene Ackley

Jill Childress

Golf Tournament - Dawn Browne, Chairperson

Lots and lots of volunteers!

Pancake Trailer/Breakfast - Dave Walker, Chairperson

Again, lots of volunteers...some of which can actually cook a darn good pancake!

Safety - Debbie Buhayar, Chairperson

No committee members

Website - Jerry Nissen, Chairperson

No committee members, but Bob Johannes is the "Chief Web Lackey In Waiting" 

Public Relations - Kent Hughes, Jancie Hughes and John Hart

Our Public Relations Committee handles our advertising, marketing and publicity for all events. Please don't place an ad without going through this committee!! 

Lions Ponds - Alan Sommerfeld, Chairperson

Alan is our Sheriff and keeps the able-bodied adults from fishing in our ponds. Alan also arranges our cleanup event. Kirk Klancke handles stocking the ponds. Numerous Lions help at our cleanup days.

Kids Eyeglass Program - Florice Lietzke, Chairperson

Lions Club Foundation Board - Dennis Troutman, Foundation President

See our Foundation page on this website for  the list of Foundation board members. The Foundation is the Club's "Charitable Giving Arm" and distributes the money we earn to local non-profits.

Shred Event - Bill Steinmiller, Chairperson

Cranmer Chapel Dinner- Jeff "Cupcake" Browne, Chair

Jill Childress