Annual Lions Kids Fishing Derby at the Lions Ponds near Safeway in Fraser. Here's what Howard has to say about the event:

Time & Date: from 10 AM through 2:15 PM on Sunday, 7 July 2013

Place: Kids fishing pond in Fraser (closest pond to Safeway)   

!0 - 12 AM Registration (three groups of kids, up though 7 yrs old, 8 through 10, 11 through 14)

12 - 2 PM  kids fish like mad during the Derby

2:15 PM  Award prizes

About 2:30 event over.


Frank Watts and I meet at triler beakfast site at about 9 AM to pick up tables and chairs to support those involved in Derby paoperwork. 

Volunteers (3) needed for registration (sit at table and take names/book young fisherfolk starting a 9:45 AM)

Volunteers (6) needed for derby itself...measuring fish, logging data on sticky-note paper and then getting that data to the official Derby Table.

   These Derby volunteers will need a ruler & needle-nose pliers.  The former to measure the fish caught, the latter to assist, if needed, in removing the fish from the hooks.  All writing stuff will be provided to the Dreby vols.

Volunteers (3) needed to review the tallies to determine largest fish and most fish caught in the three age categories...then assist in awarding prizes.

Cleanup and table and chair return to the Lions Trailer (Frank & I) normally takes only minutes following awards.


Contact Howard Venezia to volunteer or for more information.