Acknowledgments from those we support

Advocates & Sprout House

Marianne Klancke Playground

From Lion Alan Somerfeld:

We now have the plaque installed on the Marianne Klancke Memorial Playground that was build by Fraser River Valley Lions Club members last summer for the Advocates Sprout House. The plaque was placed on the stairs at the request of the Advocates team so the clients and their children could see it each time the playground was used.

The Summer, 2012, Advocates Newsletter called "Sprouts" included an update on the Sprout House and our playground had significant coverage. Here is an extract:

Sprout House Update by Deb Bittner

I was moved watching the grounds of Sprout House full of people laughing and enjoying working out in the beautiful Colorado blue sky day. What was even more moving was later, when a client sat in the peace and quiet and enjoyed the improvements that had been made. She had been really struggling with a feeling that her situation was never going to get any better. Court was dragging and her case had been continued. She was feeling over- whelmed, but she took a few moments to sit among the flowers and watch as her child played on the swing set the Fraser Valley Lions put in last year, and she said she felt at peace. She had the strength to face another day.

Thank you for all you do in making life-changing differences in the clients we serve. The playground will be a living testament to Marianne and a perfect reminder of the Lions motto - "We Serve".