Officers Elected for 2014/2015

We held our official election at our April 17 meeting and via email for those who are unable to attend the meeting this year. The suggested slate of officers was enthusiastically elected, with special enthusiasm shown by those who were able to avoid being drafted for board positions.

Here's the breakdown of returning, retiring and new Board Members:

Jeff Browne, Kirk Klancke, Bill Steinmiller, Kent Hughes, Jill Childress, Dennis Troutman, Claude Diamond, and Jerry Nissen are all returning board members. In addition, Jan Boynton and Deb Buhayar joined the board. Howard Venezia and Dawn Browne will not be returning to the board. Thanks to Howard and Dawn for their service on the Board!

That makes this the final list of new board members:

Jan Boynton

Jeff Browne

Deb Buhayar

Jill Childress

Claude Diamond

Kent Hughes

Kirk Klancke

Jerry Nissen

Bill Steinmiller

Dennis Troutman