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Hi all you Great Lions,

Follow this link to find the schedule we'll be volunteering to (for our $50/volunteer day) this ski Powder Partners with the WP Ski Resort.  Remember that YOU also pick up a complimentary daily pass to the mountain for every five hours of volunteer time...and we also don't have to pay for the daily "scrumptious lunch" provided by the Resort.  The Resort NEEDS US if they hope to put on their very ambitious racing program this, and every season.  Happily, the Resort has increased our volunteer potential to 120 man-days, or our earning potential to $6,000 this season.  These $$$ go into our grant program and help keep it viable.  We Powder Partners are valuable!!!!

Please go to your calendars and start picking out your preferred vol days.  I'm doing that now, what with 5 kids (and spouses and 14 grandkids and their significant others) that visitt during the ski seasons, I need those comp passes to offset their vacation costs. 

I'm assuming y'all have similar issues.


Contact Howard Venezia for more information or to sign up for specific days at

Please scroll down for more info about Powder Partners.

Here's some additional information Howard provided about Powder Partners Preparation November 6:

Hi all you superb Lions.

With the season start "just around the corner", thought I'd provide pointers for volunteer days with Powder Partners. 

Here are a couple of the more important (personal) preparations that should come into play in choosing your volunteer days and in preparing for your day at the resort on those days:

  -First, when you zero in on the dates you can participate/volunteer, please either attach the calendar sheet noting those preferences or a separately prepared message noting the dates and SEND IT TO ME! or just call me (970-726-1174) with the dates.  In either case, I'll forward your desires/preferences in to the Competition Center.  Why?  I need your input to keep track of our status in achieving our $6,000 goal...AND to use in resolving whatever date-vol-issues that pop up during the season.

   -On volunteer days try to get to the resort (second floor meeting area of the Balcony House) about 8:30AM.  While most races start in and around 9:30 to 10:00 AM, our Comp Center Vol Coordinator appears about 8:30 and that's a good time to put in your best and final requests for your preferred job that day.

  -This effort takes place in Winter time, so come properly dressed/prepared for outdoor activities.  I personally come "prepared to ski)!

  -The Resort provides us with lunch, so there really is no need to bring your own rations.  There are also adequate supplies of water available...  No comment on the quality of the rations except they'll fill the void and every omnce in a while, they'll be a pleasant surprise.

   -Upon reporting (and prior to departing) for the day, insure you sign-in (and out) on the Resort's tally sheet for the day.  This is important for our Lion's $-tally and for the record when you recover a comp-pass.  Do this...please.

   -Keep smiling!  The volunteer program was well run by the Resort last season...


Howard V



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