2017 Lions Club Foundation of Fraser Valley Inc. Grants Program

Grant Guidelines

The primary purpose of the Lions Club Foundation of Fraser Valley’s grant program is to provide financial resources to non-profit agencies that support the residents of Grand County.  We typically do not fund individuals however we fund organizations that do provide assistance to individuals.  *Individuals with vision or hearing issues may contact the Foundation for information about other Lions’ programs that may be able to provide assistance.

The Lions Foundation does not provide grants to:  political organizations, for-profit groups or companies, religious organizations for religious purposes, or organizations that may be perceived as polarizing, divisive or unduly controversial.  This may include organizations that may be perceived to favor any political party, candidate or position, a politically charged issue or any organization deemed to promote a culturally sensitive topic, position, or mission.

The deadline for filing a completed 2017 Grant Application is 5:00 p.m. MDT on July 19, 2017.  Late applications will NOT be accepted.  Grants will not be accepted before June 14, 2017. Requests will not be considered unless supported by a completed Grant Application, including all requested attachments. Funds will be distributed to successful applicants at an awards luncheon that will be held at Snow Mountain Ranch, September 19, 2017.  One member of the receiving organization will be hosted at no cost.  Additional attendees from a receiving organization are welcome but will be charged at cost for the lunch.  Organizations receiving a 2017 Lions’ grant are strongly encouraged to attend the awards luncheon.

  • The Grant Application is on this page; click the 2017 Grant Application button on the right. The application is a PDF file.
  • The mission of the requesting nonprofit must be to serve our Grand County community. Typically, this service falls into one of these broad categories:  arts and culture, education, families and children, sports and recreation, and the health of our people or our environment.
  • Grant amounts will vary from $100 to $3,000.  Higher amounts may be considered only if resources are available.
  • Favorable consideration is more likely when the request is linked to a specific need or a program rather than to general or administrative costs.
  • All requestors must complete a Grant Application form and provide requested attachments. Electronic submission of grants is strongly encouraged.
  • If you need additional information or have any questions please fill out the form on this page.
  • The Lions Foundation reserves the right to request an accounting of how awarded funds were used, or are being used, at any given time.
*Grants will not be accepted before June 14, 2017

CLICK HERE to download the 2017 Grant Application 

*Important! When you click on the link above, a PDF of the application will open. Save the PDF file to your computer. When you save it, rename the file such as “Your Organization Application”. Reopen the saved PDF on your computer. Use the saved application on your computer to fill out your organization’s information. The information you input can be saved and can be digitally signed when completed – if you are unable to digitally sign the document you can print, sign and scan it. When the application is completed, save the file one final time, then attach the PDF document as an email attachment to submit it for consideration by the Lions Foundation. Also attach any other applicable requested information. Send the completed application and accompanying documents to: fraserlions2017@gmail.com

If you have any questions please fill out the form below. 

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